Collection Scam Info

U.S. Cash Advance


     7953 Mall Road      Florence, Kentucky


  UPDATED 2018

  1. Receiving harassing telephone collection calls threatening Police or legal action?
  2. Foreign sounding callers representing themselves as affiliated w/collection, law or government organizations collecting on a long past due payday loan?
  3. Not aware of owing any debt & they won’t prove it?

Our office has received inquiries from confused out of state callers (who have never done business with us), who have been receiving collection calls from an organization claiming to be working for us or a company whose name includes the words U.S. Cash or something similar.  They mistakenly or fraudulently allege a balance is owed us, and apparently are engaging in illegal collection practices (as allowed under FDCPA; please Google “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” for more info).  Callers report they typically have foreign accents while using tactics such as implying affiliation with legal or government authorities (use words like: Legal Dept., Federal Investigative Authority, Financial Infraction Dept., Cooper Law Firm).  They refuse to provide any proof of the underlying debt, and finally demand outrageous payments be made to New York or Florida addresses to avoid legal or police action.

Our legitimate brick-n-mortar payday loan company, doing business face to face only as “U.$. Cash Advance” here in Florence, Kentucky (a suburb of Cincinnati, OH) does not do business with residents of other states (certain qualified Cincinnati, Ohio and Southeastern Indiana residents excepted).  Nor have we ever done loans online or via the telephone.  Therefore, no out of state accounts have been placed with any collection outfit by us. 

Please be advised however, that there are other loan providers online or those who do business via the telephone (fax) with names sounding much like ours.  Authorities have apparently received similar complaints of outrageous third party collection efforts regarding them.  Buyer beware – always know you can trust whomever you are giving your personal information too.

CFCO Financial, Inc. (the corporation who operates the one & only U.$. Cash Advance store in Florence, KY) has filed a victim’s complaint regarding this potential collections scam and the misuse of our company’s good name with the following authorities:

                                                      The Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions;
                                                      The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office - Division of Consumer Protection;
                                                      The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Better Business Bureau;
The Cincinnati Division of the FBI; and the
                                                      The Federal Trade Commission. 

The Better Business Bureau has set up an alert page dedicated to this bogus scam activity as they have received numerous inquiries since ~ 2007.  Their file for the debt collection scam can

be found at:

The Federal Trade Commission advised us that they too have received other complaints from individuals & companies like us and are currently conducting an investigation.  If you are the recipient of harassing collection calls on a debt you do not know about, you too should consider filing a complaint against this third party collection organization with your local authorities, your State’s Attorney General’s Office, and the Federal Trade Commission.   If your complaint involves internet phishing or other inappropriate online activities the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recommends filing an online abuse complaint via their tracking system at:


 These agencies will need the name, address and phone number of the person or collection organization which is attempting to enforce the fraudulent debt from you.  Please let them know you

 have been to Florence, Kentucky; do not owe the real U.S. Cash Advance here in Florence, and that your complaint is against the fraudulent organization.  The FTC’s phone number is

 (877) 382-4357.