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We have made this simple to get loan with poor credit history if you need it quick. Begin by using the our form to give us your basic details and our smart search technology will find the cheapest lender from our panel likely to say yes to you

Payday Loans with bad credit in Kentucky

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Aplication is quick and easy and can be entirely completed online. You'll receive your money very quickly, allowing you to pay bills or other expenses before it's too late.

Cash Advance no credit check in Kentucky

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Apart from credit checking, lenders ask borrowers to fax a list of documents along with tons of paperwork. Hence, as a rescue from all these troubles, we as direct lenders at U.S. Cash Advance present you no fax payday loans with no credit check.

No fax Payday Loans in Kentucky

FAQ's about payday loans in Kentucky

Q: I don't have a blank check to use to write for an advance. What can I do to be eligible?

A: You might be able to go to your local bank branch and pick up a blank starter or counter check. By law, you will need a real negotiable check.

Q: My personal checking account has been open less than 30 days, can you still use it for the advance?

A: Generally not; we ask for a 30 day history to demonstrate that the account is open, active and being used responsibly. If you are close to 30 days we may be able to make an exception.

Q: What are the fees / costs for doing a loan?

A: Fees are regulated by state & Federal statues. The standard fee is $17.65 for every $100 in cash borrowed. Annualized percentage rates (APR %) varies based on the length (term) of the loan.

Q: Can I use a starter check or counter check?

A: Potentially; checking accounts must be open for a minimum of 30 days prior to use. Your full account number must appear on both the check and the statement you provide.

Q: What if I don't have a checking account, but I have a savings?

A: By law, we are required to take in a personal check (linked to an open & active checking account) at the time of your advance.

Q: If I get direct deposit, is my current bank statement okay for proof of income?

A: We will still need to obtain a real paystub when opening a new payday loan account, even if its a past one that shows your typical pay information; we would then use the bank statement to validate your current income level.

Q: Is my transaction confidential?

A: Yes; everything is contained in house; we do not sell or market any of your information. Some of your application information is verified.

Q: Is my credit rating checked, and will my history be reported to a credit bureau?

A: No; your personal credit rating is not obtained, nor is it ever reported to as long as you are in good standing; past due accounts may be referred to an agency or law firm who do report to the three major credit bureaus.

Q: How much money can I borrow?

A: Payday loan advances are determined on a case by case basis, and range from $100 and are capped by law at a maximum cash loan of $2500.

Q: I live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio or Southeastern Indiana; am I still eligible to borrow?

A: Yes; if you will fill our online aplication we will find you the best loan provider. Here you can check fules for payday loans in Ohio.

Q: I currently work through an employment agency onsite with another company. Can I borrow against this type of income?

A: Unfortunately not; once you are hired on permanently, you would be eligible after receiving your first regular paycheck.

Q: How do I payback my loan?

A: Loans are closed out via a cash payment at the store (most typical). We will shred your check and call it even. This keeps you in control - we are here to help you avoid high bank fees! If necessary, if your unable to make it in on your loan's due date, we will deposit your check. Money orders can be accepted in lieu of cash. We cannot accept debit / credit cards.

Q: What is the typical Payday Loan / Cash Advance term?

A: A standard advance term is for 14 days; we will look to match you up to your next paydate. We are able to accomodate our fixed income friends on a monthly income.

Q: Can I pay back just the fee and renew my loan?

A: No; by law, a payday advance loan must be paid in full, including the principal, before you can re-borrow it. No fee only "rollovers" are permitted

Q: Can I payback my loan early?

A: Yes; unlike a bank product or finance company installment loan, there is no pre-payment penalty for retiring the advance loan early. In fact many customers find it convenient to come in on their pay date regardless of when exactly their due date falls.

Q: Can I make a partial payment?

A: No; a payday advance loan must be paid in full. We are unable to hold a check or take a partial down payment, so please budget accordingly.

Q: Is there a difference between an in-store and online payday loan/advance?

A: Yes; You will be more likely to get a loan if you will fill our online form.

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